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Kitchen Bubble Foam Spray Cleaner

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Degrease Effortlessly With Just Spraying.

Having difficult times to clean your oil-stained or charred pot? Now it’s an easy job with Kitchen Bubble Foam Spray Cleaner!

Kitchen Bubble Foam Spray adapts foam expansion technology to help penetrating and removing stubborn grease and stain from any kitchen items in 2-steps. Just spray and rinse, making the things fresh and brand new. It also polishes your items and protect it against discoloration and cracking from high heat up to 1 month. Time to have the cleanest kitchen effortlessly!


  • Stain Guerrilla:
    Penetrates and removes stubborn grease or stains effortlessly with our special foam expansion technology.

  • In Just 2 Steps:
    Cleaning is easy and hassle-free, just spray and rinse - ta-da, cleanest and neatest kitchen is now here.

  • High-Heat Protective Coating:
    Polish items while cleaning to protect items against discoloration and cracking under high heat.

  • Widely Applicable:
    Works on all kinds of kitchen tools.

  • Eco-Friendly:
    Water-based cleaner that transforms the cleaning solution in foam form, and could be easily cleaned with just water. Also harmless to human body.


  • Size: 16x4.7cm
  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Material: Ion water + active agent


  1. Directly spray onto the desired area.
  2. Use a towel or sponge to enhance removing the stain.
  3. Just rinse away the foam after cleaning.


  • 1x Kitchen Bubble Foam Spray OR
  • 3x Kitchen Bubble Foam Spray